Make a Trailer for the 2nd COSMIC RAYS Film Festival that will screen before the festival program!

Trailer elements:

The trailer should promote COSMIC RAYS and contain the LOGO. Choose any approach, but be sure it is appropriate for all audiences. Trailers should have good quality sound and cool visuals. Humor and animation is a big plus. HAVE FUN! Download the LOGO here!


The length of the trailer should be NO LONGER than 30 seconds.


All entries must be submitted by end of day February 1st. No extensions will be granted. Winners will be announced on February 15th or sooner if possible.


All submissions must be in a digital format.  No DVDs will be accepted.  The link with the submission should be sent by to contact[at]

Videos on YouTube and Vimeo are preferred.  Make sure to include a password (where appropriate) and make the file available anytime until midnight, March 2nd, 2018. Please include your name, email and phone number and country of origin in your email.


The trailer must be appropriate for all audiences and may not contain gratuitous sex, violence, or offensive language.


The trailer you submit must reflect you or your team's own work and may not make use of any copyrighted material in any form.

Criteria for Judging the Submissions:

The team at COSMIC RAYS will review submissions and, if appropriate, select three winners. The trailers will be judged based on their originality, technical proficiency and their ability to capture the look, feel, goals of the film festival.  COSMIC RAYS will in their sole discretion establish procedures and standards for judging the contest.  The team at COSMIC RAYS reserve the right to accept or reject any or all of the contest entries.

Rights Granted to COSMIC RAYS:

By entering the COSMIC RAYS Film Festival Trailer Contest, contestants agree to grant to COSMIC RAYS and its successors full and complete ownership of the trailer for use in perpetuity in any and all formats. Contestants fully understand that the trailer may be used prior to and at the 2019 Festival and in succeeding years and in any current or subsequent promotions in print, online and in other formats.  Contestants retain the right to seek permission from COSMIC RAYS to use the ideas and images in their trailers to create derivative works in any and all other media. Permission shall not be unreasonably withheld.   

Questions? Feel free to contact us: contact[at]