SAT. APRIL 2ND 6:00pm – 9:00pm

Everyone is invited! Admission is free.

Peel Gallery 708 W. Rosemary St., Carrboro, NC 27510


The Sick Sense 2022: The Year We Make Kontakte

Brent Coughenour RT: 30:00

“During a sunny afternoon foray spent gamboling along the thresholds of flicker fusion and the auditory fusion frequency, I discovered, for the first time, ways to bring all properties [i.e., timbre, pitch, intensity, and duration] under a single control in order to create a total serialism of the mind, a sort of psychophysiological gesamtkunstwerk in which the fabric of time is rolled up like a rug, rotated, cut into sections, taken out of doors to be cleaned slice by slice, then reassembled into its previous totality and unrolled, once again seamlessly blanketing the surface of our conscious reality.” -Karlheinz Stockhausen

Building on research by Diana Deutsch, Alfred Bregman, Maryanne Amacher and others, The Sick Sense is an ongoing project exploring the limits of the perceptual system. These projects stimulate otoacoustic and flicker phenomena and auditory and visual hallucinations while searching for stimulus patterns that deactivate the brain’s default mode network, switching the brain into the role of ecstatic perceiver.


Rebecca Uliasz + Quran Karriem RT: 30:00

GOVERNANCE (GVNC) is the collaborative project of Rebecca Uliasz and Quran Karriem. We collectively build electronic compositions, installations, and media driven interventions that take the form of audio-visual performances and multimedia publications. 

Our performance work includes custom electronic instruments, analog synthesizers, and computer systems, affected in real time by gesture, movement, and interwoven patching. We use mixtures of generative and sequenced audio and video techniques to explore ideas around technical, social, and biological systems, reconceived as audiovisual structures. Audiovisual synthesis works as a method for rendering form and environment through granular textures. 

In our practice we explore the concept of noise as a genre, a method, and a term derived from cybernetic sciences. Noise is conceived as both the perturbations that steer a system, causing it to mutate in form, and a means by which we filter meaning from non-meaning, both aesthetically, technically and politically. 

We view the works of GVNC as an exaggeration of the performativity of knowledge production; an investigation of the gestures, affects and embodied dispositions that are culturally legible as ‘knowledge work’ and imbued with a veneer of ‘objectivity’. We seek to shift the frame away from the norms of scientific discourse to question the conditions of the production of knowledge. 

The name GOVERNANCE embodies our extended interest in how technological and social systems enact forms of power and powerlessness. We are committed to an artistic and scholarly practice rooted in ethics of collectivity and care. 

Cosmic Rays Film Fest AFTER PARTY


Everyone is invited! Admission is free.

FATWOOD STUDIO 2300 Ivey Rd, Chapel Hill, NC 27516

Judge Schreber and Her Cosmic Band


A one-off Cosmic Rays iteration of Crowmeat Bob’s ever-shifting Judge Schreber project. Channelling the microtonal minimalism of the Dream Syndicate, the Cosmic Band will feature Emma Dunlap-Grube (Gown, Pool Boy), Evan Morgan (Magic Tuber Stringband), Libby Rodenbough (solo, Mipso), Justin Morris (Weirs, sluice), and Oliver Child-Lanning (Weirs). With accompaniment from a single channel 16mm loop.