Varsity Theatre

123 East Franklin Street
Chapel Hill, North Carolina 27514 
United States

Friday March 31 @9PM

Program 4: Frequencies of Deep Time

Films about signals, noise, and the sonic weapons wielded by real estate developers. Cameras apply coordinate systems of melancholy and hope as the foxes reclaim the waterfront, the snails retake the garden, and the Northeast Corridor is shredded into sublime confetti.

Prearranged Signal

Alina Taalman, 2022
RT: 5:05 minutes

In the dream of a stranger.

Phase II

Kelly Sears, 2022
RT: 6:30 minutes

In the near future, real estate developers deploy sonic weapons used at protests to clear neighborhoods for high-end high rises. On the front lines are sound medics that tend to those injured by the assaults. As they respond, one member of the team documents the incidents to create a future archive for other sonic activists.

For Phase II, the filmmaker walked around areas of rapid development in her city and took thousands of photographs. This animated, speculative fiction/non-fiction archive maps out more aggressive eviction and deployment tactics to come


Nate Dorr, 2022
RT: 4:45 minutes

We have intervened in the landscape, reshaped and fragmented it. Yet it outlasts us.

Along the tide-swept shores and marshlands of a once-major city, people have gone but the artifacts of their era linger: rusted vehicles, heaped tires, crushed cement and glass. Old structures fall. Mechanical observation systems glitch. Wildlife roam these derelict lands anew. In the absence of human perception linear progressions falter and time moves in loops and skips, unpredictable. And over geologic time, even our most impervious creations will degrade and cease to exist.

Looking Backward

Ben Balcom, 2022
RT: 10 minutes

Filmed on the former grounds of Black Mountain College, Looking Backward is a brief elegy to the legacy of a utopian college and other impossible projects

Frequencies of Deep Time

Eric Souther, 2022
RT: 6:26 minutes

Frequencies of Deep Time explores changes of geological time in Western New York, change that form strata in the rock formations of gorges like Watkins Glen State Park. I am interested in the stories the formations can tell of the co-evolution of life and minerals, of humans and non-humans, and their entanglement with one another and the land. I developed custom software that uses sound waves to augment three-dimensional forms animating the geological landscapes. Oscillations work as an audio-visual metaphor for change across deep time and provide a way to perform across an incomprehensible length of time.

With The Tide, with the tide

Anna Kipervaser, 2022
RT: 2:49 minutes

I know, you’re a seasonal beast
Like the starfish that drift in with the tide
With the tide
So until your blood runs
To meet the next full moon
Your madness fits in nicely with my own
With my own
Your lunacy fits neatly with my own
My very own

(from Sea Song by Robert Wyatt)

Reservoir (Seven Fragments)

John Winn, 2022
RT: 8:59 minutes

A study of an unnatural American environment: an artificial reservoir. The cinematic image and the landscape it captures: damaged things adrift in an ecology of discord. Two forms of picturing or envisioning nature interact: that of the pastoral, the romantic, the picturesque, and that of the industrial, the topographic, the arbitrary.


Pere Ginard, 2023
RT: 05:57 minutes

An underwater walker advances heavily towards the unknown. What he sees, what he finds, makes up this inventory made of melancholy, obsessions and fears.

NE Corridor

Joshua Gen Solondz, 2022
RT: 06:35 minutes

Sliced up fragments zipping and framing as the print struggles to make it through the frame. A woman stands ups and turns, a sculpture appears, a lawnmower mows, shredding and falling apart.

Inferno, I Saw You on The Way to The Garden

Priyanka Das, 2022
RT: 6:40 minutes

Suspended in moments
When our surroundings (aka nature) are an extension of
our internal landscapes
Forming, rapturous
Conversing to re-connect
Declaration, involved, a state of “ACTIVE BEING”.